Wednesday 25 March 2015

Official GW Adeptus Mechanicus models!

I'm so excited about the up-coming official GW release of Adeptus Mechanicus skitarii! The new models really capture the feel of the tech-guard end of the skitarii spectrum, in my mind. They're very different from the skitarii found in Titanicus (who were almost feral - with tattoos, totems, and so on, and were the guys I was emulating with my ork-based conversions), but they really match up to the guys from Dark Apostle and lots of other sources. And match well to lots of fan-made converted Skitarii.

And, of course, the crazy chicken-rider Dunestrikers are absolutely amazing. I'm just blown away by them. Their general look is mad, their details tie-in beautifully with the Knights, and their rules look very fun. I can't wait!

 I'm a bit less keen on the stalk-tank, but maybe my mind will be changed by better pictures.

 And the idea that this is just the beginning, that Codex: Skitarii might be followed by further codices and eventually a full AdMech codex (possibly including the Knights as well)? That's very exciting! is a great thread on Bolter & Chainsword with all the pictures and lots of rumours.

Thursday 15 January 2015

Glottkin Knight Conversion part 2!

Work on my Nurgle Glotkin-Knight continues. He's taking a while, it's a massive task. So much green stuff... But still, I love the feeling that he's giving off now. He's basically a huge mouth on legs, reminds me of the medieval travellers tales of people with their heads in their torsos. I think that he travels across the battlefield eating everything he can, constantly growing, and vomitting out the indigestibles via his mouth-cannon-arm. That seems nice and Nurgly!

There's still a lot of greenstuff work to be done, filling the gap up the side between the knight carapace/belly plate and the main body of the knight. I've put in some cut-up bits of the Glottkin to help with detailing, but there's lots of work to do.

I realised after finishing the front that I'd used some of the horns that were meant to come out of his back. So his back is not totally standard construction - the long tentacle is actually meant to come out of his arm/mouth.

Again, lots of work to be done on the right-hand side filling the gaps. That's the big next step to do, and then on to work on the carapace.

He's going to be joined by a Tzeentch Nagash-Knight soon... And also I'm starting a new project, making the Daemon-Primarch Angron and his Bloodthirster bodyguard, the Cruor Praetoria. The Khornate stuff isn't very AdMech related, so will be going up on a new blog at

Friday 21 November 2014

Glottkin Imperial Knight conversion begins...

So yes, my Daemon-Knights are getting some new friends... No army is ever complete, I guess. Here's the start of converting Ghurk of the Glottkin to an Imperial Knight.

He's going to eat a lot of greenstuff to fill all those holes! But he should end up a huge fat very Nurgley Knight.

Pictured alongside an Imperal Knight and one of my other Dark Mechanicus Daemon-Knights for scale / size comparison.

I probably won't do much more on this guy until the New Year, I'll be back on my Vikings & Saxons once I've had a chance to spray them at the weekend.

Larger pics up at my Flickr gallery.

Sunday 9 November 2014

Completed Dark Mechanicus Daemon-Knights

I painted my Dark Mechanicus Daemon-Knights! Not to a very high standard, but hey. One x 1500pt Imperial Knight army, fully converted to Chaos, complete and ready to play with :)
Full size pics are up on Flickr

Thursday 23 October 2014

Painting my Dark Mechanicus Daemon-Knight Conversions

What is the Omnissiah? As the Mysteries of the Cult Mechanicus tells us, "The Omnissiah Knows All, Comprehends All" and "A Soul Can Only Be Bestowed By The Omnissiah". So what is the repository for all knowledge and souls? What contains every thought, every feeling, every comprehension? The answer is obviously: the Warp, the Empyrean, the Sea of Souls. The Warp is the Omnissiah, and so the Warp is that which should be worshipped. The Emperor was a powerful psyker, using the power of the Warp, nothing more and nothing less. And so to power our machines, to give them souls, we draw down spirits from the Empyrean. A Soul Can Only Be Bestowed By The Warp...

I've been splashing paint around furiously! I started painting these guys on Sunday 19th. With any luck, I'll get them finished tonight and can then say that I've painted 1,500 pts in a week (and can enter them into Armies on Parade). Rubbish camera phone photo I'm afraid (I've got no time to take good photos!), but just to show that they do have some paint on:

So far the stages have been:
  • Spray Chaos Black
  • Ironbelcher over pretty much everywhere
  • Dark grey over all fleshy bits
  • Drybrush white over all fleshy bits
  • Mephiston Red over all armour plates
  • Balthashar Gold over all armour plate edges & selected details
  • Nuln Oil over pretty much everywhere

Next the carapace armour needs to be brought back up to a brighter red, and the big glowing runes need to be done. Plus lots of touching things up, and the bases. But I'm getting there!

Tuesday 21 October 2014

Dark Mechanicus Daemon-Knights of the Unblinking Eye

It is the end of the 41st millennium, and the Imperium seems on the brink of collapse. Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade is pouring out of the Eye of Terror, Armaggeddon has been consumed in a terrible third war, the Tyranids are tearing through the galaxy, and mankind's defenders are stretched to their very limit. In the Eastern Fringe, the Turan Sector has declared their secession from the Imperium of Mankind, under the influence of the shadowy Thaalax Eldar. As an Imperial Crusade led by Inquisitor Lord Mergulus sweeps into the Sector from to reclaim the worlds for the Emperor, in the opposite direction the Fraktaal Warp-storm disgorges daemonic legions to feast on the rotting carcasses of the Turan worlds. Across the entire Turan Sector, Chaos cults answer the daemonic call, and rise up in an orgy of violence... The Turan Sector is caught between the vengeful Imperial forces and the destructive hoards of Chaos. 

From the Knight World of Demiterra, the Knights of House Nordcote answer the call for aid from their twin world, the Forgeworld Nemusordo. They descend to the planet's surface to fight for the Imperial Omnissiah against Turan secessionists and Chaos cultists alike. Whilst beseiging the Chaos-corrupted Forge previously known as the Omnissiah's Gaze, now known as the Unblinking Eye, they encounter a truly terrible foe - Dark Mechanicus Daemon-Knights, twisted combinations of vat-grown warp-infused flesh and rune-etched desecrated metal, each towering foe unique and insane.
This is a heavily converted 1,500pts pure counts-as-Imperial-Knight army, dedicated to Chaos :)
  • Knight Errant dedicated to Khorne
  • Knight Paladin dedicated to Nurgle
  • Knight Paladin dedicated to Slaanesh
  • Knight Castigator dedicated to Tzeentch 
Here's a group shot with a non-Chaos Imperial Knight for scale:

The leader of the Daemon-Knights of the Unblinking Eye is the fierce monster known to some as the Eye of Rage, to the Mechanicus of Nemusordo as Phi Tau Digamma, and to House Nordcote as the Debaser. This machine/creature is the one who most resembles an Imperial Knight, but powered by warp-craft and pulsating daemon-flesh instead of by ancient technology. It is driven by blood-lust and battle-fury, firing off blasts of super-heated warp energy as it advances and then tearing its enemies apart in close combat.
This is my Warlord, a Knight Errant. He's the Khorne-inspired badboy, so I went for a goat-legged look to evoke bloodthirsters and bloodletters. He's also got a good muscular torso (from the Soul Grinder), emphasising his physicality. His arms are from a Maulerfiend (with one hand replaced by a gun), they seemed nice and violent.
All of the knights share the same basic torso concept: the sides & engines from an Imperial Knight, a daemonic vehicle hatch at the back (to tie in with the Defiler & Forgeworld Daemon-Engines), scratch-build armour, chaotic arms and lower bodies & torso fronts decided by their God. The precise bits used are basically driven by my bits box. I have lots of bits of chaos vehicles from over the years! My only costs in this project were meant to be 4 x Imperial Knight torso bits (the sides, the armour frame, the engines, the bases, the front plate with wires) from bits sellers. Although I did also cave and buy a Trygon kit for a Slaaneshi tail (as I wanted the torso for another project)...

Rho-0 Phi Lambda, also known as the Unstoppable Eye or to House Nordcote as the Destroyer, is a daemon-knight unvarying focus, not stopping until its currently chosen target has been utterly destroyed, smashed to pieces either by its massive gun or its fierce claw.
I knew that I wanted to have a Knight torso on the Defiler/Soul Grinder chassis, it's an obvious mix. I up-armoured the legs a bit, putting plates on the top as well as the shins. His front panel is the top of a Maulerfiend, plus lots of lovely greenstuff tentacles. He's the vaguely Nurgley one of my bunch, with his bulging belly and his greater bulk. He counts as a Paladin.
He is a bit shorter than a true Imperial Knight, but he's much bulkier. Hopefully no-one will complain too much.

The Dueller, called by some the Eye of the Moment or Pi Digamma Nu, is a swift and deadly daemon-knight, darting forwards on its sinuous snake-like lower body. Everything that this monster does is jerky and sudden, unpredictable spasms resulting in great blasts from its gun or its mighty talon-blade tearing foes apart. Whilst Rho-0 Phi Lambda is obsessively focussed, Pi Digamma Nu is always looking for new targets, new enemies to fight and to push itself to its limits.
My second Paladin, this one is deliberately as much of a contrast as possible to the Defiler-Knight. He's Slaanesh-inspired, so the Trygon/Mawlock tail was an obvious choice of lower body. The arms are Defiler legs, giving him this absolutely huge grasp that seemed quite Slaaneshi, pushing the duelling-rather-than-brawling feel. His torso is a Soul Grinder's back, I love the exposed spine and with a little modification it has a great Slaanesh style mono-breast. And the exposed spine fits quite nicely with the Trygon's rib-cage ridge.
His daemon-hatch is from a Forgeworld Khorne Blood Slaughterer. Which was de-chaosified and used as the basis for an Imperial Knight conversion, back before we had proper Imperial Knight kits. A nice circular path.

The Protean Eye, or the Deformer, is formally identified as Tau Pi Kappa. This daemon-knight is little more than a shell filled with twisted, writhing, ever-shifting tubes and tentacles made of horrifying warp-flesh. It towers above the more fixed forms of the other daemon-knights, and is capable of truely terrifying rapid movements across the battlefield, appearing where least expected and unleashing an unmatched storm of bullets. Any unfortunate beings that get close to this blashemous machine soon disappear under a writhing mass of tentacles.
My Cerastus Castigator. I wanted to highlight the number of attacks he has, both shooting and in close combat. Splitting the gun into two guns and having the close-combat attacks be from a huge nest of tentacles seemed a fun way to do that. He's meant to be vaguely Tzeentch-inspired, so he's tall like a flamer and tentacly like a horror? His weapons are obviously all from Forge/Maulerfiends, useful kit that!
The Forgeworld Cerastus chasis is ridiculously tall. I think that this guy is about right, but I'm not sure.

As always, larger pics are on Flickr (in my new Dark Mechanicus album!):

Monday 20 October 2014

Baron Galfridas de Nordcote, Converted Imperial Knight

My converted Imperial Knight, Baron Galfridas de Nordcote, is now all painted. Here he is with his smaller cousins:
And here's some close-ups:
Bigger pictures of everything are available on Flickr: