Thursday 15 January 2015

Glottkin Knight Conversion part 2!

Work on my Nurgle Glotkin-Knight continues. He's taking a while, it's a massive task. So much green stuff... But still, I love the feeling that he's giving off now. He's basically a huge mouth on legs, reminds me of the medieval travellers tales of people with their heads in their torsos. I think that he travels across the battlefield eating everything he can, constantly growing, and vomitting out the indigestibles via his mouth-cannon-arm. That seems nice and Nurgly!

There's still a lot of greenstuff work to be done, filling the gap up the side between the knight carapace/belly plate and the main body of the knight. I've put in some cut-up bits of the Glottkin to help with detailing, but there's lots of work to do.

I realised after finishing the front that I'd used some of the horns that were meant to come out of his back. So his back is not totally standard construction - the long tentacle is actually meant to come out of his arm/mouth.

Again, lots of work to be done on the right-hand side filling the gaps. That's the big next step to do, and then on to work on the carapace.

He's going to be joined by a Tzeentch Nagash-Knight soon... And also I'm starting a new project, making the Daemon-Primarch Angron and his Bloodthirster bodyguard, the Cruor Praetoria. The Khornate stuff isn't very AdMech related, so will be going up on a new blog at

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