Monday, 24 February 2014

Plans for new knights

So... GW are finally releasing proper Knights models. And Gods they are beautiful.

My House Nordcote are obviously an Adeptus Mechanicus house, that much is clear!

At the weekend, when the official models are released, I'm getting one to make into my Baron - a bigger, funkier suit. I'll be swapping the official GW head for a sentinel cockpit, to tie him in with my existing models.

Then my current Baron (aka the Decimator) will be converted into an Errant. Then add lots of purity seals to all of them, so that he's not the only dude covered in them. I might also up-armour the Crusader and the Paladin. Think the Paladin needs shoulder pads, and the Crusader could do with a top on his carapace.

 I'll possibly also build a Warden and a Castellan. The Warden's overlapping carapace reminds me of the Forgefiend, so that'll form the basis for that conversion. The Castellan will be similar to my Crusader, but with a Dreadnought torso not a Defiler.

Then I'll have models of all 7 knight types, which'll be nice! And led by the beautiful official GW model.


  1. Great to see this blog up and running again, great looking army you have here.
    As I have several DreamForge 15mm Levithans in the making I was considering doing the same as you have planned here. Using the GW Knight as a baron - as is it simply too cool not to own.

  2. I previously considered the 15mm Levithan to make one of my knights, but decided at the last moment to try and stay GW-only. I want to make a Armies on Parade entry, so GW-only is sadly important... The Leviathan is a beauty though!

    Do you have photos of your guys somewhere?

    1. See your point. I must admit I had no idea GW would ever do a Knight, not sure if I had bought the DF ones had I known. But I really like the Leviathan as well, I'll probably try to extend it a bit so it wont be too small compared to the GW one.
      You can see pics of all my stuff here: