Sunday, 2 February 2014

My Army So Far

I love the Adeptus Mechanicus! There are so many really cool converted armies of them out there, with such strong themes. Mine's not really one of them, it's more of a random collection of pieces that I've made over 5 years or so. But it's kept me entertained! Long post this, sorry... Next I want to add the new GW Knight Titans (if they do make them!), all the lovely Forgeworld pieces, and I have a set of Skullz models sitting around waiting to be painted. Then an armies on parade board... There's always something new to add! All the photos are on Flickr here The whole army: The left flank, with lots of ranged Skitarii converted from Space Marines in the front: The centre, with a variety of leaders and elites: The right flank, with feral Skitarii converted from Orks in the front: Some Praetorians, converted from Tyranid Warrior torsos: Some more Praetorians, a mix of Ogres and classic ork warbike tracks: And yet more Praetorians, again converted from Ogres: Not really sure what these are! Made from Tyranid Warrior lower halves, obviously: Robots (or maybe dreadnoughts?) These are inspired by the old Space Crusade dreadnoughts, with hulls from Forgefiends (& an old Space Crusade dread), and legs from IG Sentinels: More robots! Ork Killer Kans here. They remind me a bit of Wall-E, I like them: A final triad of robots/dreadnoughts. Dreadnoughts on sentinel legs, obviously: And one big boss robot, some sort of Forgeworld grot-controlled mega-armoured dude: My Knight Baron, a converted Decimator: My Knight Paladin, a converted Dreadknight: My Knight Lancer, converted from a Blood Slaughterer: And my Knight Crusader, converted from a Defiler: When GW finally release their Knight Titan, I'll probably swap the head for a sentinel...

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