Thursday, 24 May 2012

Knight Warden

The Warden is my third Knight. Wardens are heavy support Knights, crewed by semi-retired veterans, which are only used in the direst of circumstances. The Epic models were very varied, but Warden 1 is probably the most famous: overlapping armour plates, stubby arms with gatling cannons, carapace mounted missile launcher.

Ever since I saw the Decimator I knew I wanted to make it into a Knight. It just looks so perfect... Here's my chance! The overlapping armour plates and general bulkiness of it compared to my other Knights made it a good Warden. Like the Blood Slaughterer, I ended up rotating the torso 180 degrees and mounting the head where the daemon-engine-hatch is meant to be. Then with a Sentinel's engine on the back and a Defiler's Havoc Launcher on the carapace we're almost there! There was also lots of removing Chaos iconography - I wouldn't approach this job without a dremel, lots of files and a pile of green stuff.

The guns came from a kid's toy, the "Kung Zhu Rhino Tank". I thought they had a good AdMech look, with hints of the Thunderfire Cannon? The arms are actually a Blood Slaughterer's arms, swapped with my Lancer who has the Decimator's arms.
3 down, 1 to go, and then on to painting! Coming up next: the anti-vehicle Crusader...

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  1. Great site man!!! I too have slowly been building an IG AdMech Army. I share this blog with other gamers, but if you browse through you can see some of my conversions.. this being the most recent
    Eric AKA Brose