Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Knight Lancer

And here's the second Knight. This guy is a Lancer, a fast scout Knight armed with a battlecannon and a power lance. I wanted to keep some unifying elements (sentinel head, loin-banner, colour scheme), but shake things up and make it clearly a different type of Knight. And as it's meant to be a scout I wanted it more stream-lined and lanky...

King Fluff's amazing Knights were obviously a huge inspiration, both to this whole "build a Knightly household" project and to this model in particular. He uses the Blood Slaughterer torsoes to absolutely stunning effect. I can't hope to approach his standard of painting and modelling, but I can steal his bits choice!

The torso itself is actually rotated 180 degrees from the standard Blood Slaughterer, with a whole new armour plate added to cover the wires & dead bodies (made out of half a GW paint pot!) To make it look more stream-lined than my Paladin all the armour plates were cut from roung plastruct tubing.

The legs are Defiler legs with Chaos iconography removed. Still waiting for some better feet bits to arrive from the internet (I've ordered Ork Deff Dread toe-caps), and looking at the pictures that crooked leg needs to be straightened, and they need to be rotated so they're more upright in line with the centre of gravity, to stop it toppling over backwards...

The lance is a mix of a killa kan arm and a missile I found in my bits box, the las-battlecannon is the same design as my other Knight.

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