Sunday, 2 March 2014

Imperial Knight converted to Knight Baron

Baron Galfridas de Nordcote, along with the rest of House Nordcote:
As you can see, his head has been swapped for a Sentinel Cockpit, to match the rest of the house:
I'm not a fan of transfers, so all decoration is 3D. A mix of purity seals, things from tank accessory sprues, and WFB shields. The heraldry of House Nordcote is a winged AdMech skull, Galfridas' personal heraldry is a crowned AdMech skull:
In Epic, Barons were armed with Power Lances rather than Chainswords. Hence this conversion:
Now on to undercoating! And painting. Not looking forward to doing all those purity seals!


  1. Ah man, that's fantastic! I'd love to see more posts! You've got a good eye for using bits. I really hope you keep it up.

  2. Thanks man. I kinda dropped off the blogging ladder - busy with moving house and work stuff. And most of my hobby time has been spent on historicals. But yes, I did paint this dude and must post photos of that!
    I've also just started making a Dark Mechanicus Daemon-Knight, who is coming along quite nicely...