Friday, 11 June 2010

Converting & Painting: Techpriests

I couldn't really run an Adeptus Mechanicus army without some Techpriest / Techmarine / Iron Priest equivalents... So here they are! One is the classic Techmarine, the other is the excellent Imperial Guard Techpriest, and they're accompanied by converted servitors.

The servitors are made from Catachan legs & bodies, with Space Marine scout heads, mostly ork heavy weapons and (oddly) Goblin arms. Just because I had lots of Goblin bits lying around from my Imperial Guard Grot conversions, and Goblins have good straight arms.

The combat arms are from a classic NecroMunda Pitslave and the GorkaMorka ork bionics blister. Good old days!

Painting is the same scheme as the rest of my models. Note that anything power-weapony has green on it.

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