Thursday, 10 June 2010

Battle Report: 1500 pts Doubles vs Orks (loss)

GW Oxford has been having a campaign recently. Most of us have been playing in doubles, 750pts per player so 1500pts per side. I've been using my Adeptus Mechanicus as Space Wolves, paired with my old friend "Uncle Rich" and his Deathwing Terminator Army.

Our first game was vs. Orks, deploying in opposite table quarters. Objectives in table centre and the centre of both empty quarters.

The orks had a bikeboss with biker pals, a boss in battlewagon with nobs, a trukk mob and two big footslogger mobs (1 sluggas & 1 shootas). And a bunch of dreds & kans.

Uncle Rich's 750pts of Deathwing is always much the same: Belial, 2 x 5 terminators, 1 x 5 man tactical squad. Uncle Rich started with both his terminator squads in reserve.

My 750pts of Space Wolves was Rune Priest, Iron Priest (2 Heavy Bolter servitors, 1 normal servitor), 2 x 5 Grey Hunters in Razorbacks (each with a power fist, a flamer and a heavy bolter on the tank) and 2 x Long Fangs (mix of Heavy Bolters and Missile Launchers).

1 terminator squad popped down on the left hand objective, whilst my Razorback squads zoomed towards the right hand objective. The rest of our forces hung back and shot loads.

A trukk & battlewagon full of orks and a warboss landed on my Razorback guys, and we both destroyed each other. Meanwhile a bikeboss and bikers hit the terminators, along with mass shoota boyz. The termis took out the bikers, but were destroyed. I shot lots, but not enough and the orks cunningly used the battlewagon & trukk as walls to block my line of sight.

The game finished early (as the store was closing), before the 2nd terminator squad arrived! The shoota boyz had the left objective, slugga boyz had the right objective, and the kans had the centre objective. So not a great success for the Imperials there.


I still hate orks in close combat! Also, that "using vehicles as mobile walls" tactic is dead cunning.

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