Monday, 21 June 2010

Battle Report: 1500 pts Doubles vs Chaos Space Marines (loss)

So, part 2 of GW Oxford's campaign. 1,500 pts per side, in pairs (so 750pts per player). Once again the Adeptus Mechanicus were Space Wolves, paired with Uncle Rich's Deathwing. This time, we were up against the Iron Warrior Chaos Space Marines.

The mission was simple: 1 objective in the dead centre of the board. The person with the most squads within 6" of it at game end wins.
The board had quite a lot of terrain in our deployment zones, with a big empty killing zone in the middle.

The Iron Warriors had a Lord & Berserkers in a rhino, a big group of Plague Marines in a building, a Terminator squad in reserve, 2 Vindicators and a Predator. Ouch.
As always, 750pts of Deathwing got Uncle Rich Belial, 2 x 5 terminators, 1 x 5 man tactical squad.
I went for a higher model count this week: Rune Priest, Iron Priest & Servitors, 2 x 10 Grey Hunters (2 plasma guns) and 2 x Long Fangs (mix of Heavy Bolters and Missile Launchers).
Uncle Rich put both terminator squads in reserve. I put both Long Fangs up on top of buildings in the corners of our deployment zone, with good lines of sight. Rich's Tactical and my Grey Hunters were in the middle, ready to run for the centre.

The first terminator squad popped out next to one Vindicator and the Predator. They were shot at lots (by 1 Vindicator, 1 Predator and the Plague Marines), and only 2 of them were left alive to get into combat with the Vindicator but failed to do anything. They were shot at again. And died.
My Long Fangs destroyed the other Vindicator. "Well, Uncle Rich, I killed my Vindicator" was my refrain...
Meanwhile in the middle of the table the Berserkers and his Terminators ate both my Grey Hunters, my Rune Priest, my Iron Priest, his Tactical Squad and 1 Deathwing Terminator Squad. Ouch. He cunningly chased my broken guys off the edge of the board, never giving us a chance to regroup.
After that it was all over bar mopping up. The remaining Vindicator started pie-plating my Long Fangs, and we were tabled.

At this point, I decided that basing my army purely around shooting was pretty crap and I needed some better close combat troops. And started work converting a Skitarii Assault Maniple (to use as Blood Claws or Wolf Guard).

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