Friday, 4 June 2010

Battle Report: 1,000 pts vs Orks in Apocalypse (draw?)

For the end of the campaign all the 1,000 pts armies were put together in a huge Apocalypse game. It was mad!

We used the same army lists again.
I had two Necron armies on my left and 4 marine armies on my right, with huge numbers of orks opposite me. Oh dear.

It was all a bit of a blur, can't remember much! I know it was carnage, with lots of awesome shooting and huge charges and so on. Madness.
I managed to kill Wazzdakka in close combat (after merrily shooting away all his bikers), and by the end of Turn 5 I'd killed lots and had lots of my stuff killed in return. There weren't any enemies left near me, but I only had 5 guys left and didn't capture my objective. Luckily, neither did the orks. And the Necrons next to me got their objective- for the Mechanicus, surely that counts as a moral victory?

My main lesson from this game was that Apocalypse is awesome but mad. No surprises there. But it was lots of fun! Also, I'm still terrified of orks. And think I need to improve my close combat. Blood Claws look tempting?

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