Thursday, 3 June 2010

Battle Report: 1,000 pts vs Orks (defeat)

My next 1,000pts battle was against orks. This went considerably less well!

In the first battle we used the Vanguard mission, again with me as the attacker. Once again there was an objective in the centre, plus one in the middle of his table edge and one that I got to place. The battlefield was again quite plain, except for a hill in the centre.

We had to keep the same army lists.
He had four big squads of orks and a looted wagon. One squad of orks and the wagon were in reserves, the other 3 squads were gathered on the right side of the board. The third objective went on the centre line to the far left, and my guys walked onto the board.

My gunline stuck to the back, and happily munched through two squads of orks. The other squads advanced, seeking to get the two objectives on the centre line.
Then the remaining orks hit me. Blimey, they're good in combat. Scarily large buckets of dice! They quickly demolished all three squads of Grey Hunters. If the game had ended on Turn 5 I would have just won (two objectives clear, one objective held by the remains of my last Grey Hunter squad). Sadly it didn't, and by the end of Turn 7 I was pretty much wiped out.

Again I was impressed by how shooty my army was. But also terrified of how good 30 orks with a warboss are if you let them get close...

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