Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Official GW Adeptus Mechanicus models!

I'm so excited about the up-coming official GW release of Adeptus Mechanicus skitarii! The new models really capture the feel of the tech-guard end of the skitarii spectrum, in my mind. They're very different from the skitarii found in Titanicus (who were almost feral - with tattoos, totems, and so on, and were the guys I was emulating with my ork-based conversions), but they really match up to the guys from Dark Apostle and lots of other sources. And match well to lots of fan-made converted Skitarii.

And, of course, the crazy chicken-rider Dunestrikers are absolutely amazing. I'm just blown away by them. Their general look is mad, their details tie-in beautifully with the Knights, and their rules look very fun. I can't wait!

 I'm a bit less keen on the stalk-tank, but maybe my mind will be changed by better pictures.

 And the idea that this is just the beginning, that Codex: Skitarii might be followed by further codices and eventually a full AdMech codex (possibly including the Knights as well)? That's very exciting! is a great thread on Bolter & Chainsword with all the pictures and lots of rumours.

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