Monday, 14 May 2012

Armies on Parade

Hello, world. It's been a while!

I'm currently revamping my army, preparing for Armies on Parade. In my view a good Armies on Parade entry needs 5 things:
  • A cool theme
  • Great basic models
  • Big wow-factor centrepieces
  • Interesting details that reward closer study
  • An impressive board
Point 1 - let's face it, "Adeptus Mechanicus" is an awesome theme!

Point 2 - I've tried my best! I've now got a huge pile of infantry of two basic types - a heavily armoured skitarii/protector and a more combat-orientated skitarii/servitor (inspired by Titanicus).

Here are pics of the skitarii, with their old WestWind heads replaced so that they're 100% GW bits (a very boring task). Pics:

Which means I'm on to point 3, a big centrepiece!

For the AdMech there's a wealth of options available - bizarre tanks, hulking robots, ogryn-servitors, and so on. And, my favourite, Knights or Knight-Titans or whatever you want to call them. I love the old Epic Knights. Larger than a dreadnought, smaller than a warhound, they were 1-man humanoidish Imperial Mecha. And now's my chance to add them to my Adeptus Mechanicus army, hurrah!

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